Photo Permissions and Copyright

Copyright notice

All photos on this website are protected under Australian Copyright Law (Copyright Act 1968), and are copyrighted to Samuel MacLachlan and Renae MacLachlan. Some photos are displayed under the "geroplanes" Instagram account name and handle.

Can I use your photos?

If you wish to use our photos, we require that you first ask for permission via email or Twitter DM.

Photos of aircraft being posted or regrammed on Instagram should credit and tag @geroplanes, unless specified otherwise.

Why should I ask for permission?

Whilst most cases we shouldn't have a problem with you using our photos and we'll grant permission, we still like to know where our photos are being used (mainly in commercial or public works).

Why should I credit you?

Crediting us lets other people know we took the photo, so they can find our other photos too. Its a nice way to share the love. :)

I want to use your photo, but would rather not display a credit

Images for personal use don't require any credit once permission is granted (feel free to use how you like).

For any commercial or public use, just let us know, and we are happy to be flexible on this. For Not-for-profit use, we will normally just say yes. For any commercial or major public use, depending on the circumstance we may just say yes, or ask for a small fee (you must still ask though).

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